Many organizations need maximum security requiring only a minimum of space. The Iscon Video Imaging “Mini Portal” features state of the art, thermo-conductive scanning technology and produces superior images with the simplicity of a semi-automated scanner system. This extremely flexible system can complete a whole body scan in 30 seconds. It can also be used to further investigate suspicious items. The Iscon Mini Portal quickly and easily identifies virtually all types of contraband including plastic weapons, pills and powdered substances, tobacco, precious metals, gemstones, and other articles of interest.

This safe, reliable Infrared scanner system detects hidden objects without penetrating clothing, so subjects can rest assured that their privacy will not be violated. In fact, at no time does the operator need to make contact with the person being scanned.

Iscon is the only advanced imaging system that can be integrated with various ID and biometric technologies such as fingerprint, facial recognition, magnetic card and barcode readers to provide a ’one stop’ personal identity and contraband check.


  • Small Airports
  • Loss Prevention
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Law Enforcement
  • Customs and
  • Border Control


  • No privacy issues
  • Radiation free scanning
  • Superior thermal imaging of contraband
  • 360° body scan or investigation of special areas
  • Detects virtually all materials
Iscon Imaging