Welcome to the new ISCON Imaging blog. Through this dynamic forum, we look forward to discussing with our readers the news and trends that impact the physical security, retail and healthcare industries – particularly the fast-evolving worlds of employee safety and loss prevention.

But first, a bit about who we are, what we do and how we approach security:

ISCON Imaging

ISCON is the leading supplier of personnel screening equipment that provides a high level of deterrence for both employee safety and loss-prevention applications. In a time of frequent internal and external theft, fraud and violence, ISCON Imaging products help protect employees and other tangible assets.

Our team is based in the Boston area, and we serve customers around the globe.

Our Technology

Our scanners are designed to provide safe, high-resolution, whole-body imaging for detection of hidden items on a person. Our core products, SecureScan® and FocusScan®, quickly identify concealed items without radiation and without violating personal privacy. SecureScan provides full-body screening, while FocusScan employs a handheld design for more targeted screening.

How does our technology work? ISCON’s patented thermo-conductive technology combines infrared (IR) and heat transfer for high-resolution imaging—without using harmful ionizing radiation. Our scanners employ a three-step process:

  1. Warming: The person’s clothing—and any objects hidden underneath—are briefly heated with warm air.
  2. Cooling: As the warm air dissipates, the person’s clothing and any hidden objects, such as an iPhone or a weapon, will cool down at different rates.
  3. Imaging: An IR camera then scans the person and creates a thermal image, which clearly reveals any concealed objects.  

Our Philosophy

We know that all businesses recognize the importance of loss prevention and employee safety. We seek to provide both with technology that provides several unique benefits:

  • Whole-body screening without the use of radiation
  • A visual image of detected items, so screeners know exactly what is being concealed
  • Maintains personal privacy
  • Creates a strong visible deterrent to theft and workplace violence
  • Quick, one-person operation increases screening throughput

Businesses in a wide range of markets can greatly benefit from ISCON screening technology, helping to ensure that both their employees and their merchandise remain safe and sound.

As we take a closer look at many of the topics that impact the security industry, we invite you to engage with us in the comment section. To get in touch with us directly, please click here