Mini Portal

The Iscon Imaging "Mini Portal" features state of the art, thermo-conductive scanning technology that produces superior images with the simplicity of a semi-automated scanner system. This flexible system has a compact foot print that can complete a whole body scan in 30 seconds and allows for further investigation of suspicious items or areas. The Iscon Mini Portal allows users to quickly and easily identify virtually all types of concealed objects. (Plastics, metals, powders, wood, ceramics, liquids, capsules etc.)

This safe, reliable Infrared scanner system detects concealed objects without penetrating clothing, so subjects can rest assured that their privacy will not be violated. In fact, at no time does the operator need to make contact with the person being scanned.

Iscon is the only advanced imaging system that can be integrated with various ID and biometric technologies such as fingerprint, facial recognition, magnetic card and barcode readers to provide a ’one stop’ personal identity and contraband check.


Overall Footprint and Physical Dimensions Length:     58.8” (1494 mm)
Width:      37.14” (943 mm)
Height:      91.4” (2322 mm)
Weight:      300 lbs. (136.4 kg)
Power Requirements Supply Voltage: 208 VAC, 30 A 
Analysis Time Real Time detection 7 to 11 seconds per scan (depending on operator)
Warm-up Time Immediate
Warranty One year, parts and labor
Identified Contraband Explosives, narcotics, wood, ceramics, metal organics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and more
Operating Environment Operating Temperature 0-35° C (32-104° F)
Humidity 0-95%, Non-condensing

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