A New Imaging Technology to Protect you Business

Today’s business owners are well aware of the importance of looking around the corner for the next big opportunity to better their business; but where does securing their business against lost revenue fall on the priority list? Have retailers in particular taken all of the necessary steps to protect against employees who may be removing merchandise form the workplace?

Incredibly, almost 43 percent of lost revenue in the U.S. is due to employee theft. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, theft costs U.S. retailers approximately $42 billion a year, and although the U.S. shrink rate has lowered slightly, the cost of retail crime rose 27 percent as a percentage of revenue; including employee theft, shoplifting and loss prevention costs. The most commonly stolen items are power tools, make-up products, wines, as well as fashion and phone accessories, leaving many retailers and distribution centers vulnerable to theft.

Retailers today are seeking  technology that can effectively reduce employee theft while maintaining a positive culture.  Since warehouses and distribution centers deal with a wide range of merchandise, retailers need  non-invasive screening systems that can detect all types of materials, including metals, plastics, powders, ceramics, gem stones and clothing items.

ISCON Imaging offers two products that can dramatically help to reduce  employee theft within a retail or distribution center. ISCON has developed a unique thermo-conductive technology, which combines infrared and heat transfer for high-resolution imaging that allows cameras to see a thermal imprint of concealed objects against clothing. ISCON’s infrared based detection is the only technology available that can provide real-time, high-resolution images. Maybe you’re asking, ‘Why not walk-through metal detectors or hand wands?’ In short, because they are “blind.” Both only provide an audible beep but provide no information on what has been detected. ISCON’s technology provides real-time images of the actual object, eliminating the guess work and potential legal ramifications  of the other technologies.

ISCON’s FocusScan® is an easy to use handheld device, which displays images from an infrared camera on a high-quality touch screen. The images are time and date stamped and can  be reviewed immediately or downloaded for later analysis.

SecureScan®, ISCON’S full body imager allows you to see objects hidden under clothing, without concerns about health or privacy. Just like FocusScan, SecureScan displays images from an infrared camera on a high-quality touch screen; the images are also time and date stamped and can be  downloaded.

ISCON’S patented infrared technology provides retailers with peace of mind that employee theft won’t continue to impact their bottom line. So, why leave your investment unprotected?