Jewelers Security Alliance Conference

ISCON Showcases Imaging Solutions at Jewelers Security Alliance Conference

For retail businesses of all kinds, theft is one of those challenges that is always top-of-mind. And like any type of other retailer, jewelers are always looking for ways to better protect their precious inventory.

Last week, the Jewelers Security Alliance hosted its annual conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to discuss the latest approaches for deterring, detecting and investigating theft. ISCON Imaging was there to showcase their FocusScan handheld IR imager, which conducts targeted screening that lets retailers see objects—such as jewelry—hidden under clothing, without concerns about health or privacy.

FocusScan is a revolutionary handheld device that uses ISCON’s patented thermo-conductive infrared technology to screen for a wide variety of merchandise and employee safety threats. The scanner also includes an integral metal detector, providing retailers with an all-in-one, multi-mode integrated security system. This type of screening has been shown to be highly effective in both deterring and detecting theft.

Although jewelers face the possibility of theft like any other retailer, many owners and managers have found that existing security technologies cannot detect much of the high value merchandise they handle, especially gem stones. When customers and employees know that a leading edge security technology like Iscon is in place, it provides a major deterrent to theft and workplace violence. The ability to actually see an image of the itm of interest allows quick clearing of issues and provides strong probable cause for prosecutions.

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