ISCON Reflects on RILA Asset Protection

ISCON Imaging wrapped a successful week in the Sunshine State, where our booth received a large number of potential customers, media and conference attendees at the Retail Industry Leaders’ Association 2015 Asset Protection Conference in Orlando, Fla. The booth had great  traffic, with many visitors stopping to ask about how our signature products work, and to comment about how our approach to retail asset protection is something new and innovative on the scene.

As we reflect on the atmosphere at the conference, ISCON is more confident than ever that thermal infrared (IR) scanning devices are a game-changer for retail/distribution center  security. Our scanners are a safe, healthy and useful supplement to traditional retail/distribution security practices, such as metal detectors, video surveillance, video management software or video analytics, and can help stem the tide of shrink and workplace violence through thermal imaging technology.

The US retail industry suffered an astounding $42 billion in shrink last year, with employee theft ranking above shoplifting at 42.9 percent of that figure. ISCON’s full-body and handheld thermal imaging scanners can detect these objects hidden underneath clothing without time-consuming searches or privacy issues, so your business can be certain in record time that valuable goods are not leaving the premises.

ISCON is also concerned with the alarming trend of increased workplace violence, and our scanning solutions allow businesses to make employee safety a priority. SecureScan® delivers a clear thermal image through a heating and cooling process, making it easy to identify both metallic and nonmetallic objects hidden on a person. FocusScan®, our mobile handheld option, gives security personnel the option to point-and-scan anywhere on the body and transport the device to any desired checkpoint for random spot checks. 

With all of the advantages that full-body and handheld scanning devices have to offer  the retail/distribution industry, we have no doubt that our award-winning thermal imaging solutions will be an “asset” to our customers in the very near future.

ISCON would like to thank those who stopped by the booth to learn about our award-winning products, to our team and to the Retail Industry Leaders’ Association.

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