ISCON Imaging Takes a Look Back at ASIS 2015

With our first ASIS show successfully behind us, the team at ISCON Imaging is able to reflect back on a great week in sunny Anaheim, Calif. During our time at ASIS, we met with a number of potential customers and media, as well as individuals who were curious as to how our thermal infrared (IR) screening devices work. ASIS serves as a platform for all things security – from video surveillance to key cards and door locks – and this was truly a security professional’s dream. 

After announcing our new focus on vertical markets outside of retail and distribution centers, we were visited by a number of professionals who had a true interest in putting our products to the commercial test. Live demonstrations at our booth allowed attendees a chance to see how our products work and  how IR screening technology is effective in detecting concealed materials. Our staff was excited to hear from a number of people that our scanners brought something new to the ASIS arena.

SecureScan™ is a full-body scanner that allows users to view objects hidden under clothing, and delivers a clear thermal image through a patented heating and cooling process. FocusScan™ is a mobile handheld scanner that provides targeted area screening, allowing users to see objects hidden under clothing and gives security professionals the option to point-and-scan anywhere on the body and transport the device to any desired checkpoint for spontaneous screening.  

ISCON’s scanners are a safe alternative to traditional detectors as they don’t emit radiation. "The only thing that comes out of the scanner is warm air," said Bill Gately, CEO, ISCON Imaging. “The warm air breaks thermal balance allowing objects to become visible in the IR image. This scanner does not provoke privacy and health concerns and it's better at detecting objects of all kinds.”  

Theft and workplace violence remain a top concern for the public. Every day we see the effect gun violence has on our country, and ISCON believes that screening technology can help detect and deter criminal activity before it occurs. Our scanning solutions are versatile enough to be applied across various vertical markets and environments, allowing businesses, agencies and security personnel to take a proactive approach in protecting their people and their property.  

ISCON would like to thank those who visited our booth at ASIS this year to meet our team and to learn about our award-winning products, and we hope to see more visitors as we showcase SecureScan and FocusScan in new arenas.